Honda HR-V Review


The crossover SUV category is certainly heating up with the emergence of the new Honda HR-V. You’ve probably heard that name before. Honda released a HR-V back in 1999 and it was one of the very first crossover vehicles on the market. The latest manifestation is a cross between a sports coupe and a rugged sport utility vehicle. Honda certainly is impressed, boasting that “everything [is] perfectly in its place. Most car reviewers seem to agree that this five-door crossover has a taste of everything you’re looking for.


The Honda HR-V is available in four different model trims. There’s the base model S, and the SE with 17-inch alloy wheels. The SE Navi model features a top of the line Honda CONNECT system with Garmin navigation. Then, there’s the stylish EX with a panoramic glass roof over the cabin and LED headlamps.



Let’s take a closer look under the hood. The HR-V has three engine configurations, and on the whole, this vehicle’s performance is an economical blend of power and fuel efficiency. The four cylinder 1.5 Liter i-VTEC engine can go from zero to 62 mph in just over 10 seconds, and boasts a fuel economy rating of 49.6 combined miles per gallon. This engine configuration is also available with a manual or automatic drivetrain. The other option is a 1.6 Liter i-DTEC. It’s a diesel engine that’s slightly faster and is only available with a manual transmission. No matter which engine you choose, when partnered with the ECON button, Idle Stop, and newly-engineered gearboxes, the HR-V is sure to save lots of money at the pump.



The new Honda HR-V has some impressive safety features that you wouldn’t normally find in a vehicle in this category. It has an available Traffic Sign Recognition System. Basically, the HR-V employs a front-facing camera to identify road signs and an onboard software package that delivers traffic reminders to your dashboard instrument panel. The HR-V also has Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning, two advanced safety features that are usually only available on executive and luxury class vehicles. There are plenty of additional safety features like front and rear parking sensors, airbags all around the cabin, and electronically-assisted vehicle stability control.


Style and Design

The Honda HR-V has it’s own style that sets it apart from the competition. It’s sleek and aerodynamic. It’s available in eight different exterior colors like Morpho Blue Pearl and Metallic Silver. Inside the HR-V, you’ve got all the controls within reach of the steering wheel and the seven-inch touchscreen brings the world to your fingertips. The interior is fully adaptable and has three main configurations to fit just about any situation. For example, the back seats can be dropped down and the headrests removed for maximum space in Utility Mode.


Final Thoughts


The Honda HR-V is an affordable crossover SUV that still has it’s own sense of personality and flare. It’s not just sitting in the middle of the road. It has options galore and it gets great fuel economy in the city or the highway. The S model trim starts at just $18,495 and your local dealer can quickly give you a title loan estimate. So give the all new Honda HR-V a test drive and you’re sure to find it quite capable and well within your budget.


The Best Add-Ons For Your Honda

There are some really nice extras being offered for your Honda that you may or may not know about. Some are to add pizazz to your car, other class it up and set it apart from all the other Hondas out there, and some protect your Honda in various ways that will really pay for themselves in no time. Here is a list of some of the better add-ons out there right now that I think you will enjoy knowing about.


1) Wheel Locks can be added to those expensive wheels you have so that they don’t get stolen from your Honda.

2) You can get Door Guards that protect your beautiful door from all those small dents and dings from other people opening their doors and hitting yours. These come in a variety of colors that match any of the original colors that Hondas come with.

3) A Side Spoiler that can be added to the side of your Honda and fits right underneath the body that will fit your car just as if it came on the car originally. It adds style and class to your Honda and gives it that little bit of originality that sets your car apart from other Hondas.

4)There are also Front Spoilers that can be added to your car that will fit perfectly onto the body of your car that can easily be added and will look as if it came on the car. These add an added pizazz to the front of your car and give it that originality that says it’s special and belongs to you and no one else’s Honda.

5) The Rear Under Body Spoiler can be added to custom fit the rear underside of your Honda to add even more customization to your car.

6) A Bra can be added to your Honda to keep bugs out of your grill and to protect your paint job from anything that comes flying up onto your car from the highway.

7) A Visor can be added to the moon roof of your car to give it a sleek, sporty look and it will cut down on the glare of the sun coming into your Honda as well as cut down on the noise in the cabin of your car. It also brings in fresh air from the outside in as well as giving your Honda a sleek, sporty look.



1)A Trunk Basket is a really good idea to keep all those smaller things that move around in your trunk that can spill assorted liquids on your trunk carpet from spilling. It also can keep those things from moving around in your trunk and making noise and it can protect you from the damage of explosion from cleaning spray cans or other flammable things that might be in your trunk. The trunk basket is made of high quality materials to last and can be cleaned easily with water and dish soap. It is also made from a material that will not skid or slide in your trunk and has high sides so nothing will tumble out as you drive.

2) Light up the console of your Honda with a Console Illuminator that lights up the console area with a gentle light that allows you to see what you want to see without being too bright on your eyes.

3) A Rear-View Mirror that automatically darkens then dims when there are bright lights anywhere on the road that will affect your driving without needing your help, it will always reduce glare.

4) Interior Lighting that shines soft light into the feet areas on both the driver’s side and front guest areas of your Honda.

5) Rear Seat Covers to protect your back seat from all the spills and stains that can be made by your children when they ride in your Honda. They will also protect your seats from the daily wear and tear that they go through and will protect your gorgeous seats for years to come.



1) Wireless Charger for your cell phone that will eliminate all those cords and charging mechanisms that clutter your Honda, all it takes is the use of an inductive case for your cell phone that is required for your cell phone to charge wirelessly.

2) A Remote Engine Starter for your Honda that will work from up to 400 feet away so you don’t have to go out in the hot or cold weather or bad weather such as raining, sleeting, or snowing. Upon starting your Honda it will automatically turn on either your heat or a/c to make the cabin of your car a nice and cozy 72 degrees inside the cabin of your car. It also works with your car’s security system to protect your car and the remote lights up so that you can see to lock or unlock your car and to see the temperature of your car.


New Honda Supra GTR 150

Competition of motorcycles in the 150 cc class will be more crowded than ever with the presence of the all new GTR Supra 150. This motor is ready to compete against Yamaha Jupiter MX King 150 with their potent 150cc powered engine. Both are also almost similar design, and offers a sporty design that has not been matched by any 120 cc or 110 cc motorcycle.. Even the exterior of this motor is much more sporty than its predecessor the Honda Supra X 125 FI. Also, the motor is also equipped with injection technology which is an improved technology that is being utilized by the new Honda Supra GTR 150.

The all new Honda Supra GTR 150cc utilizes the PGM-FI technology. The PGM-FI technology is based on fuel injection, a combustion system technology that can optimize machine performance. This update provides for a more complete combustion system.The implementation of this new technology will impact the level of fuel efficiency, so that fuel consumption will be more economical. In addition, Honda Supra GTR 150 is also equipped with two disc brakes that are on both the front and rear wheels. The tires are a bit larger than usual but that provides for better handling and a smoother ride.

The Honda Supra GTR 150 is another name for Honda Winner 150 which was first marketed in Vietnam. There is no real significant difference between GTR Supra Winner 150 and the Supra GTR 150. The later’s motor have the same capacity of the 149.16 cc engine, and is supported by the same fuel injection combustion system. With this technology the Supra GTR 150 is capable of producing a ton of torque and is backed by power reaching 15.74 hp. So do not be surprised if the motor is capable of outperforming its competitors in their class.

The engine performance of the new Honda Supra GTR 150 is certainly aligned with 150cc sport bikes, if not an improvement. In order to succeed in this class of motor bikes the motor needs to be able to compete against the 150cc motorcycle class. The sophisticated technology is necessary for the machine to become more powerful and to maneuver through smoothly when on the highway with traffic or on the empty road.There will be two variants of the GTR Supra 150 which will fetch a price of approximately $2000 in the Asian markets depending on the color.

The Honda Supra GTR 150cc is going to change the game in ways unforeseen.  Although we will be patiently waiting in the United States for this model, the GTR 150cc will likely find unprecedented success in the Asian markets. This beast of a motorcycle disguised in it’s friendly exterior is high on my wish list. For it’s price, durability and power owning this beast is a no brainer. Honda has always been known to produce a reliable product. If you are looking at 150cc motorbikes this one is certainly going to be high on your list.


Why a Honda Civic is the Best Car in the World

There are many different cars out on the market these days. However, there is one that stands out from the rest: The 2016 Honda Civic. The Honda Civic is a compact car that is created by the car company, Honda. The Civic has been around for several decades. Given its great reputation throughout the years, Honda Civics are one of the best cars to own for various reasons.


You can’t beat the price

Typically, the price of a new car is at least $30,000. Honda Civics, on the other hand, don’t even cost that much brand new. As a matter of fact, the 2016 Honda Civic sells for under $20,000, brand new. In addition, the amount of standard equipment that comes with a baseline Honda Civic is very impressive. Bluetooth, a backup camera, cruise control, and automatic climate control are a few of the great features that come with the 2016 Honda Civic.


Excellent resale value

Worried about outgrowing a Honda Civic? No problem! The great thing about Hondas is that they hold their value. This means great resale value. If a family or individual decides to sell their Honda Civic, they can also expect to get a great resale price. While many other cars quickly lose their value, the Honda Civic is certainly not one of them. Not only does it make a great family car, it can also make a great investment for the future.


Spacious interior for a compact car

Another great thing about the Honda Civic is that it is very spacious for being a compact car. Until a child seat is placed in the car, there will be a lot of room. It will not even feel like you are riding in a compact car because of how spacious it is on the inside. This model also offers generous legroom for backseat passengers.


Great fuel economy

Honda, in general, has a great reputation for creating fuel-efficient cars. The Honda Civic is no exception. Although the Honda Civic may be offered in a hybrid model, 1.5-liter engine in a regular Honda gets excellent gas mileage. It typically gets 31 miles per gallon in the city and 41 miles per gallon on the highway. That is superb for a car that is not a hybrid. Some of the different features include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning that includes Lane keeping assist, and a frontal crash warning system.


Comfortable to handle and smooth ride

If you do not have a luxury car but have a Honda Civic, you will sometimes forget that you are driving in a compact car. The ride is so smooth and comfortable that it will be hard to believe that you are driving a compact car.


Spacious storage

Not only does the Honda Civic have a lot of room inside the car, it also comes with a lot of storage space as well. The Honda Civic has 15.1 cubic feet of trunk space. In addition, the trunk is low enough so that a person does not have to lift very high to put things in the trunk.

There are many different cars on the market these days, but one of them stands out from the rest: The Honda Civic.


2016 Honda Civic Review

The 2016 Honda Civic has much to offer those who are looking to get behind the wheel of this amazing new car that has only had the smallest hints of information released so far. Honda has an amazing reputation for putting out the best and most impressive vehicles and the newest Civic is sure to not disappoint those who are used to the dependability of Honda as a leading car manufacturer.

The newest Civic will have a 2.0 L engine that will have a horsepower of 158 at 6500 rpm. The car includes the expected six speed manual transmission. And the power of this vehicle will surely continue on past the engine specifications that have been released so far. The exact details beyond these expected basics are being carefully guarded by Honda for many reasons.

The company believes that the success of this much loved sporty car depends largely upon keeping many of the newest details quiet until much closer to the launch date. They are slowly releasing information to keep fans of the Civic interested and coming back for more information while also preventing too much information from being released too quickly. This has apparently been a pit fall for competitors and is an issue that Honda has managed to avoid so far.

What is known as of now beyond the basic engine and transmission information is that this car will be very physically pleasing and will keep to its expected and somewhat traditional appearance in regards to the prior years’ versions of this car. Honda has also announced that much of the production and release of this year’s new Civic will be coming out of plants located within the United States as well as out of Canada. This is always important information when looking at locally made automobiles. Honda is also promising enthusiasts that they are working on improving the handling and refinement for the newest concept of their most famous and well regarded vehicle.

Honda is unfortunately keeping very quiet about many of the details that people are the most interested in. This includes the final and much anticipated appearance of the exterior and interior of the car as well as any technical specifications that make the release of any vehicle something worth paying attention to and something that car enthusiasts eagerly wait for. Honda has also kept the exact release date under wraps for now with just a few hints for the line-up of releases for each of the many different versions of the newest Civic.

As the 2016 year moves into summer and fall, Honda is expected to release many more of the details and specifications that they are keeping as closely guarded secrets at the moment. Honda will also begin releasing the exact release dates and expected pricing for each version of the 2016 Civic as well as the features and specifications that will be exclusive to each of the versions. This information is much anticipated and cannot be released to early for anyone’s liking.